Duck Life 5 – Can You Survive In A Major Earthquake?

duck life 5

The Duck Life 5 has a set of benefits and special features for kids. The story of the game is about a boy named Lee Miller who can fly his duck using the power of Vibration. You can play this game online or in an arcade.

The online version of the game is very popular among children because of its advanced graphics. The story takes place after you purchase the game from the Internet. In the beginning you need to survive by trading with the other players and collect money. After that you can select which kind of adventure to pursue by gaining points in a particular type of level. When the story ends, you will get the coins, which you can use to purchase upgrades for your duck.

The main goal of the Duck Life 5 game is to survive as long as possible

The main goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. In the first part you have to survive on land while in the second part you have to survive in the water.

In the second part you have to pick one of three levels that are available. At the beginning you can collect energy by clicking on the proper objects and place them in different places around the stage.

In the later parts you will be required to produce more energy to take you to new places where you will be able to collect more coins. You can also do the click and drag method and make a good result by placing in a particular direction. These ways of making your duck fly will increase the speed of your boat.

The method you are using will help you in having the capacity to fly your boat without landing on a single object. The speed of your boat will also be increased. This will give you the possibility to move ahead and save time. The only thing you should avoid is land and water obstacles.

Your aim is to survive until the end of the Duck Life 5 game. If you fail you have to restart the whole game. You can play this game with up to eight players on a single screen.

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