How to Get Free Emotes In Garena Free Fire (2022)


Emotes are the best way to show our feelings to our friends and enemies. It plays a significant role in the free fire. We try to use it for free. Every free fire player needs it. Every player in the game wants to get it. The Player can safely get this into his account.

How many ways are there to get free emotes in the Garena free fire in 2021? Getting anything for free isn’t so easy. It is very important in games and they help you to show your feelings to your enemies when they spectate you. Every player wishes to express his feelings to his friends and enemies.

The question is how we can get it for free? We can get free by using unlocked apps, completing surveys; redeem codes and many more. We mentioned some apps and safe tricks to get it free without diamonds. So, in this article, we will tell you how you can get free emote. The Following points and tools help us to get it for free.

6 ways to get free emotes:

  • Unlock using redeem code
  • Use advance server to unlock
  • Unlock by using special airdrops
  • Use VPN trick to unlock
  • Unlock with Elite Pass Trick
  • Emote unlocked APK

#1 Unlock using redeems code:

You can unlock one free emote in free fire by using redeem code. The Redeem code is a safe method and trick to unlock items. You can get the redeem codes on the Google websites and official YouTube streamers. You will get items instantly and free. It is difficult to find redeem, but it’s not impossible. Official Garena free fire streamers give redeem code in her channel description. It is the best way to get free items to show your friends and enemies.

#2 Use advance server to unlock:

garena free fire Get Emotes Using Advanced Server

Users can unlock the advance server to get free items. In the advance server, the player will get anything in just one diamond. This means that you can get all the items in just 50 to 60 diamonds. Record any mistakes or crash in-game and send to the Garena free fire team. The Team checks the issue, after some time they can send you Five hundred diamonds to your account. This server is only for old users or players. It is the best way to unlock diamonds and get rewards.

#3 Unlock by using special airdrops:

free fire free Special airdrop

There are nearly forty different types of special airdrops in the free fire. To get emotes at a very low price by using special airdrops. You will get special airdrops for ten rupees. Play matches for five days and you will get special airdrops in your account. It is an easy way to get free items in your account.

#4 Use VPN tricks to unlock:

free fire free VPN Tricks

A VPN trick is possible only in the Guest account not in your main account. So, create a Guest account different by using VPN apps. You can download VPN through the internet and Google play store. New events provide gifts and items. This trick is a little bit hard, but nothing is impossible.

#5 Unlock with Elite Pass Trick:

garena free fire Elite pass trick

It is the best way to get badges and items in your account. Unlock Elite Pass for free. Elite pass refreshes every month. To get a free Elite pass by using the following information.

Earn free diamonds:

  • Watch ads to earn diamonds.
  • By collecting diamonds in the lobby.

Special airdrops:

  • It is the best way to get free diamonds and purchase an Elite pass.
  • You will get special airdrops in less than ten rupees.
  • This is only for old users. New users can try after three months.
  • You will get an Elite pass in just 20 rupees by using special airdrops.

There are many ways on the internet to get an Elite pass for free. You can search for them to earn a free pass.

#6 Emote unlocked APK:

Many players search about unlocked APK to get free items. Emote generator is not available for free fire. You can download the code, when you use this code your account will be ban. But we have a solution to get free items by using these apps. Here is a list of some apps that give you free items and safe.

  • I Motes
  • FFE motes
  • Earn free cash back

You can use these apps to get free diamonds and items. By using this APK no account will be banned it’s safe and secure.


I hope you liked our article and learned safe methods to unlock emote. These tricks are safe and secure you can use to earn items for free. Use special airdrops, The Elite pass trick, the VPN trick, and many more to unlock Garena free fire items.

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