How to Hack Google Account -You can also change your Google username

How to Hack Google Account

How to hack Google account is a common question amongst the IT professional world. People with hacking skills will be able to take your account for all kind of misuses. However, if you need to perform any simple task like resetting your password, then it can be easily done.

Log on to your Google account

How to Hack Google Account

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First of all, you need to log on to your Google account. You need to locate the password reset form.

Before you do anything, you should change your password so that it is stronger and more secure. It’s always advisable to change the password periodically as it might be a good idea to make a backup of it before you change it.

Now, when you get to the Google password reset form, click on the button that says ‘Reset Password’. Make sure that you select ‘Do not change my password’ and set your new password. The next step is to enter the new password into the box provided.

If you find it difficult to remember it, you can use the help of any online tool or software to create a new password for you. However, do make sure that you have entered the new password several times.

How to Hack Google Account

In this case, your reset password will only last until your old password is forgotten. Once your old password is forgotten, your new password will be considered as invalid.

Now, when you try to access your account, your password will be automatically reset and you will receive an error message. So, you have to enter the password again.

Enter the new password once again

In this case, Google will give you another chance to give the old password once again to the website. This process is repeated until you finally receive an error message. How to hack Google account

You now have to enter the new password once again. This time, make sure that you use the same password as the one you used before you accessed the account.

Once you have successfully reset your account, you can get the full access to your Google account. That’s it!

However, there are cases when the account has been hacked again. So, the process of resetting your password is repeated to prevent yourself from being hacked.

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