How to Unlock Wukong (Monkey King) Character in Free Fire (2022)

How to Unlock Wukong (Monkey King) Character in Free Fire (2021)

Wukong is a new fantastic character in the free fire. It is launched in January 2019. This legendary Asian item has a unique ability. Players love this item very much. Every user aims to get this item. If you want to purchase this item it can cost 499 diamonds.

This character is very expensive to purchase. We can share the best and unique way to get this item for free. A lot of users need Monkey King Item for free. This item has a more fantastic gaming experience.

How many ways are there to get free Wukong Character in the Garena free fire in 2021?

  • This game launches its items with popular celebrities. Every item has a unique ability and look. This item has active skills called Camouflage. Monkey King Skin makes this item much stronger. Players can spend nearly five hundred diamonds to purchase this item.
  • We are going to discuss getting it for free in your account. Every method that we can share with you is real and legal.

How to Unlock Wukong character in Garena Free Fire?

If you get this item by buying you need five hundred diamonds approximately. Open your game and go to the left side of the screen. You can see the store button is now available. Click on this button Select the item you want to purchase like Monkey king.

A pop-up will appear. Click to confirm your order. Open your mailbox in your game and collect your reward. Now, you can unlock this character.

Tips and Tricks to Get Free Character in Garena Free Fire:

Players use these tips and tricks to earn free character in the free fire.

# Complete tasks and surveys (Earn Free Diamonds):

How to Unlock Wukong (Monkey King) Character in Free Fire (2021)
  1. One of the best methods to get free Wukong through Google opinion rewards. Google opinion reward is an application that is available in the play store. You can download this application from the Google play store and get diamonds in your account.

2. Players can complete the surveys by completing different tasks and earn diamonds. Collect diamonds free from this app is a very task. You can complete different tasks to earn diamonds in your account.

Get character at a very low price: (official coda shop website)

  • Coda shop is a website that helps players to buy stream cards at a very low price.
  • In just twenty rupees you can buy this character.
  • You can get this item for free in the Coda shop.
  • You can pay through Google to get this bundle.
  • After purchasing this bundle your character makes it stronger.
  • Many websites are fake on the internet don’t try those websites that can collect your data.
  • Fake websites earn money from their audience.

Free Wukong Character Via Redeem Codes:

  • The Redeem code is the alphabetically fourteen-digit code. Players can use this code to earn diamonds in their accounts. We can get this code by participating in online tournaments and giveaways from any social media platform.
  • This is the easy way to get this item by using code that is available on many websites. Also, you can purchase this item for free by using redeems code generator tool. Redeem code is the best way to get items, emotes, gifts, and many more.
  • We can share free tips that you can earn a free redeem code and buy this item for free. If you have a Redeem codes enters this in your game and collect your rewards.

# Participating In Social Media Platforms: (Online Tournaments)

free fire diamond giveaway
  • If you want to get free diamonds, you can participate in giveaway activities and purchase your item in your account. It is an easy task to win these awards. Many officials you tubers, Facebook and Instagram pages offer giveaways.
  • The prize in those kinds of giveaways is very attractive, and you can get free in-game currency. Many YouTube channels and websites create custom rooms for players to win pool bonuses.

Complete Limited Time Game Missions: (Events)

  • Players can complete event missions and claim free character in the free fire. Users can earn diamonds by completing game events and used these diamonds to earn this character for free. These events are hard to complete missions.
  • Players can see some ads and complete different tasks to earn diamonds. After the completion of game missions, users can get some diamonds in their accounts.
  • If you can use any mode applications there is a chance of your account will be ban. Many websites on the internet are illegal and user’s accounts will be suspending on those websites


Wukong is the character in the Garena free fire. Players can get diamonds by using these free tools and get rewards, items, and in-game currency. We can share all legal ways to get free in-game currency and items. I hope these tips and tricks will help you to get free items in Garena free fire.

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