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As soon as a woman realizes that she is in the period of her monthly cycle, it is one of the most important things she will ever have to deal with. She needs to be aware of all the elements that can affect the menstrual cycle and know how to prevent some problems, but she also has to manage the period in order to enjoy the best of her period and not allow it to disrupt any other major event in her life.

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If you want your menstrual cycle to work well for you

No woman should get used to the fact that her menstrual cycle is happening every month, as there are several aspects that need to be addressed if you want your menstrual cycle to work well for you. While the female period is a natural occurrence, there are so many factors that can make a cycle unworkable for a woman. Here are a few of them.

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Irregular Periods and Their Causes

Menstruation begins at the age of 15 and while most women can handle the normal stress and excitement of being young, it is not advisable for a young girl to be seeing her first period. Before a girl has reached the age of twenty years, she has already gone through her period and it is a good idea to let her know when she may expect it, or in this case her next period. Of course it is best not to push her about it, but know what her cycle is.

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If a woman has been trying to conceive for some time, she will be in the peak period of her cycle. With an off switch on and off for years, the odds are very good that a woman will ovulate at around the same time each month. If a woman doesn’t ovulate and she is trying to get pregnant, her cycle may stall and she may feel a bit of discomfort for several days.

For many women

For many women, the problem with their menstrual cycle is the endometrial hyperplasia, which is a fibrous tissue that grows in the lining of the uterus. There are various medications that can be taken for this condition, but women may not want to take those for a number of reasons.

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Sometimes, the dysmenorrhea is caused by hormonal imbalances. Hormonal changes can happen in any number of ways, from using birth control pills to taking antibiotics, so you may want to consider going off your birth control pills and see what happens to your symptoms.

Finally, when menstruation does not occur for a period of time, a woman may experience different kinds of illnesses and complications. Many of these are related to the bones and the body of a woman’s uterus. Other health concerns include periodontal disease and some cancers can grow where the endometrium has damaged the tissues.

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