Formation of Planets – stars are localised lumps of gas within nebula


Formation of Planets – The following are considered to be the stages in the development of planets:

(i) The stars are localised lumps of gas within a nebula. The gravitational force within the lumps leads to the formation of a core to the gas cloud and a huge rotating disc of gas and dust develops around the gas core.

(ii) In the next stage, the gas cloud starts getting condensed and the matter around the core develops into small-rounded objects. These small-rounded objects by the process of cohesion develop into what is called planetesimals. Larger bodies start forming by collision, and gravitational attraction causes the material to stick together. Planetesimals are a large number of smaller bodies.

(iii) In the final stage, these large number of small planetesimals accrete to form a fewer large bodies in the form of planets.



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