Trading Sensex Share Market Charts – Sensex Spread Charts For Stock Market Analysis


You cannot look at a Sensex share chart and say “it’s all well and good”. That would be a grave error. A Sensex share chart tells you something about the relative strength of each stock in the top 100. How about looking at it the other way around – what does it tell you about the relative strength of each company in the same list? Sensex Share Market

Trading Sensex Share Market Charts - Sensex Spread Charts For Stock Market Analysis

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After all, one company could be at the top of the market while another company is in its depths. For this reason, trading with Sensex share market charts means that you need to get your facts straight.

The first step to trading Sensex share market charts is to define the terms that we use in these charts. Understand the difference between day and intraday price and how both points of view can be used to create a Sensex share chart.

Next is to recognize the different types of markets that share market trading takes place in. For example, we have the day’s market, the foreign exchange market, the equity market and the futures market. Each of these markets has its own chart that will help you understand the behavior of stocks in the Sensex market.

Use the charts to determine the specific points where two stocks move in opposite directions. A perfect example of this is when two stocks move in the opposite direction of each other. The stock that moves faster will be at the top of the chart and the stock that move slower will be at the bottom.

When a stock closes below the market’s psychological resistance level, it’s overbought. This is the beginning of a bullish trend and will soon move up. A stock that crosses above the resistance level will be classified as oversold and you should exit your position.

Knowing when to buy a stock can be very difficult if you don’t know the psychology of the market. Simply entering and exiting a trade can be a big mistake, especially when trading a lower level stock.

Always take the time to get a feel for the market through a long term analysis of the market itself. Using daily charts is only going to give you a snapshot in time.

You want to look at the bigger picture and understand the psychology of the market. Only then will you be able to make a smart decision in regard to a Sensex share chart.

The research and analysis that are done can take months to complete and is constantly changing as the market changes. If you are trading a stock with momentum, this type of research may be difficult. On the other hand, the research for day traders is much easier.

Another big difference between day traders is that day traders do not spend time educating themselves on market information. They don’t need to and they don’t.

Most of them trade in the short term but have a base understanding of how the market operates. With this information, they can easily trade stocks and perform a good job of it.

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